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Configure Your Store’s Return Policy


This tutorial will give you an understanding of our general return policy settings, which are applied to all return requests and can be found under the Return Policy section in AfterShip Returns admin.

📢What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we will show you:

Return policy set up
a. Return window set up
b. Return resolution set up
c. Minimum inventory set up
d. Gift returns set up

Return policy set up

Go to Return Policy > General in the AfterShip Returns admin

Set up order lookup to allow customers to search or find their orders by email and shipping postal code

Check out this complete tutorial to enable order lookup and update the email/postal code prompt in the returns page editor.

Set up a Return window to allow customers reasonable time to return a product

Choose when the return window will start

a. Order date
b. Fulfillment date (recommended)
c. Delivery date

Select the radio button for either of the three options to configure the Start from point from where the return window calculation will start

Input the number of days under Ends in to specify when the return window will close from the date of start

You can also configure product-specific return window to allow customers more time to return certain products. Click Add product-specific window

Move the toggle to the right to activate to allow customers to submit return requests during the return window only when their original orders are fulfilled

Get a detailed tutorial to set up general and product-specific return windows here

Under Resolutions, select the return and exchange resolutions you would like to offer customers on the return page

Select the checkbox for resolutions to activate and display them on the returns page

Add a description (optional) for each return and exchange resolution in the description box.

This description will appear on the returns portal under How can we resolve it? Section

Find a step-by-step guide to set up and activate each return resolution offered by AfterShip Returns.

Enable or disable the Minimum inventory level. Move the toggle to the right to enable and set up minimum inventory level for exchange orders

Specify the product Quantity at or below which the product will show out-of-stock for the exchange resolution.

Find more information on minimum inventory setup in this article.

Move the toggle to the right to enable customers to return gifts without interacting with the original buyer directly on the returns portal

Setting up gift returns functionality for your store is quick and easy with AfterShip Returns. Get a hands-on tutorial to enable gift returns for your customers.

Updated on: 14/04/2023

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