Automated routing rules (based on returns reasons, product type, returns resolutions, and order tag ) can be defined for different zones. Multiple returns methods can be enabled, with unique shipping instructions for each.

Benefits of setting up zones and routing rules

📌Define rules in accordance with returns policies

📌 Facilitates in-store returns for shoppers

📌 Generate returns label automatically

📌 Auto approve returns request

🔧 Add a New Zone

Go to Returns methods page > Add New Zone
Specify zone name > Add countries and regions

If no zone is added or if the customer’s country does not fall in any defined zones, routing rules for the Rest of the World zone will be applicable.

🔧 Edit returns zones

Go to Returns methods page > Edit Zone
Add/Remove countries and regions

🔧 Add a new routing rule

Go to Returns methods page
Define New routing rule under the desired zone, based on product type, returns reason, order tag or resolution
Specify rule name and condition

🔧 Remove returns zones

Go to Returns methods page > Edit Zone > Remove
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