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Display Multiple Returns Methods

AfterShip Returns Center allows shoppers to choose a returns method as per their convenience. The three methods supported are:

📌 Ship with any carrier of your choice

📌 Return to a retail store

📌 Ship with a returns label

📌 Green returns (customer keeps the item)

While filling out a returns request, shoppers will be prompted to select a method for the resolution of request. By default, a returns method will be enabled and up to 3 methods can be presented.

🔧 Enable Returns methods

Go to Returns Methods page > Edit methods for the desired zone
Customize description and shipping instructions > Enable auto-approval (optional)

Note that if you've chosen 'Custom' while exploring 'Display cost of returns' options of the 'Display' section, make sure you've selected all currencies. Otherwise, customers won't see the cost of returns when submitting a returns request. In short, cost will be shown as 'Unknown' on the returns page.
Save changes

The description and shipping instructions will be sent to shoppers via email.

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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