Having clarity regarding returns, for shoppers, is extremely important because it is directly associated with refunds. AfterShip Returns Center lets merchants trigger different kinds of email notifications for multiple scenarios. This help guide will share all information about the AfterShip returns center’ notification center.

➡️ Steps to set up automated notifications

Log in to your AfterShip Returns Center account > Go to Notifications

In the Send from section, you’ll see detail your recipients will see, like Name (your organization's name) and Email address (the one that recipients will see).

By default, your notifications will be triggered from hello@notify.returnscenteremail.com. However, if you want to use your business ID for a better email open rate, click Edit and select Verify or add sender emails to add and verify your business email ID.
In the following section, you’ll see multiple toggle options for different scenarios. Turn it on according to your needs.

If you want your notifications to be swift, automate a few common processes. Get the details here.

Voilà! It’s done

🤔 Can I customize the email content?

Of course, click Edit and choose the theme you’re comfortable with. There are two options: Branded theme and HTML theme.

Teaser: We’re working on an easy drag-and-drop email editor that will make email template customization fun. We will notify you once it’s ready. Stay tuned

You can use merge tags in your email content to make it personable for recipients. Here are the details on merge tags.
Once you’re done with doing modifications, check the web and mobile preview to be double-sure that your email is looking good on both big and small screens. You can even send yourself a test email.

👀 Is it possible to send the notification email in another language than English?

Yes, you can do this if you are on a Pro or higher plan.

Click the language drop-down menu > Select Add language and choose from the available options. You can even set it as a default language to avoid doing the same steps every time.

Please note that you have to write the email content in the same language that you’ve selected from the dropdown menu. Recipients won’t receive an auto-translated version. The reason being is Google’s translation accuracy is not 100%, which means your shoppers may get the wrong message if we auto-translate your email content. Hence, manual editing is required.
Keep one thing in mind that if the language you've selected for email notifications matches the order language, the email will be sent in the same language. Otherwise, email notifications will be triggered according to the default language you've set here.

For any other questions, please connect with our chat support team
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