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How to Create Return Reason Library and Return Reason Group?

For online businesses, it is imperative to beware of each return reason that customers mention while raising refund requests, as it helps to take necessary actions later on.

AfterShip Returns Center lets its users create a return reason library along with return reason groups very easily. Here are the steps:

➡️ Steps to create a return reason library

Go to ‘Returns settings’ of your AfterShip Returns Center account > Navigate to the ‘Returns Reasons’ section

To make a new entry in your reason library, click on ‘+ Add reason’ and enter a reason name. If you want to add sub reasons, tap on ‘Add sub-reason’ as well

Also, decide whether you want to include comments and image fields on your returns page or not. If yes, click on the given checkboxes and specify whether you want the fields mandatory to be filled or optional. Otherwise, leave the checkboxes unchecked

For example:

Once you’re done, hit the ‘Save’ button

➡️ Steps to create a return reason group

Please note that created reasons and sub-reasons won't be added to the reason group automatically. You have to add them manually.
The ‘Reason groups’ section is right below the ‘Reason library’, locate it and follow these steps:

To create a new reason group, click on ‘+ Add reason group’ and enter a reason group name. Also, mention product type(s) and select the reasons for your group

Note: You will all your created reasons while creating a reason group, so uncheck those that are not relevant for your group

Click on the checkbox given for ‘Randomize reasons’ if you want to show your return reasons in a new order whenever a customer tries to raise a return request. Otherwise, let it unchecked

Once you’re done, hit the ‘Save’ button

✍️ Important info to keep in mind

Duplicate reasons cannot be created

In case you delete any reason from your library, it will automatically disappear from your reason group as well

There will be an alert if you try to add the same product type in multiple reason groups. It will look like this:

In case any help is required, our chat support team is a message away from you

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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