Aftership Returns Center enables online merchants to send email notifications to keep customers informed during the return process and communicate necessary information about their return order.

Emails are triggered for the following events,

In this article, you’ll find in detail about 

Email notification templates customization
Set sender name and email address

Email notifications template customization

All the notifications in the AfterShip Returns Center admin are enabled, by default. But you can customize the emails that will be sent to your customers to match your brand style. Follow the steps below,

You can add the logo of your store to all your email notifications at once to optimize your brand recognition. If you choose to use a logo, this will be displayed as the header of the message and will be the same as the one you choose for your branded returns page. 

Navigate to Returns Page in the AfterShip Returns Center admin
Scroll down to Branding > Upload your Store logo
Select Save

Note: We would suggest the users use the logo image of 600 x 96px for optimal sizing.

Customize email body

To customize the layout and body of your email notifications, AfterShip Returns Center offers two email template themes - Branded and HTML. Users can choose and edit the one they think would be more suitable to send the updates from.

To edit the content of your email updates,

Navigate to Emails in the AfterShip Returns Center admin
Select the Return Status you wish to update > Edit
Between the two email template themes, select the one you wish to use to send notifications to your customers.
Edit the email subject, title, and, message you wish to display (Refer to the list of merge tags on the left side to personalize your emails.
Select Save

Note: We recommend the users keep the email notifications format and composition relatively simple and short so that they all display accurately across all the major mail applications. 

Set sender name and email address

The return updates emails are sent to customers by AfterShip Returns Center, but we use your brand’s contact information. The sender name and email address can be changed any time, just follow the steps below,

Navigate to Emails in the AfterShip Returns Center admin
Edit the sender name and email address as per your requirements
Click Save

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