Customization has always been important from a business perspective because shoppers should be getting your brand feel when they visit any page of your store.

With AfterShip Returns Center, you can customize your returns page effortlessly. Here’s what you need to know:

➡️ Begin with what’s more important

Go to your AfterShip Returns Center account’s Returns page tab

❖ Set up a custom domain

Scroll down to Add returns page to website section and decide whether you want to set a custom domain or not. If yes, click on the Set up custom domain button and get guidance on the rest of the process from our support team.

Also, keep two things in mind:

SSL activation is a must due to the Cloudflare’s policy (Chat with our support team to get it enabled at a nominal rate)

Use DNS only while setting up a CNAME

If you don’t want to use a custom domain, you can continue with the default one (

❖ Languages

English gets set by default for returns pages. However, if you want to apply any other language, click Edit and select the desired one.

In case you want multiple languages for your returns page, you must be on a Pro or higher plan.
❖ Google Analytics

If you want to monitor returns page sessions, copy the tracking code from your Google Analytics account and paste it into the given field.

🎨 Customize your returns page

Scroll up and click on the Customize button.

❖ Make changes in the Page Content tab

In the Lookup page section, you will see 4 subsections

1. Hero image

You can add a Hero image, but its size should be under 2 MB and the format should be JPG, PNG, JPEG, or GIF.

As far as ideal dimension is concerned, it is 900 x 1440px.

2. Marketing assets

Marketing assets will be shown only in the desktop mode.
On your returns page, you can easily promote your top 3 products. Here’s what you need to keep in mind while adding marketing assets:

Image size should be under 2 MB, while the format can be JPG, PNG, JPEG, or GIF. The recommended dimension is 600 x 600px.

Also, you can add a destination URL for each marketing asset to redirect your store visitors to the correct product page.

For example:

3. Return policy summary

Summarize your return policy in the given field to give your store visitors an idea about when you approve and reject a return request.

In the Return policy page section, you can either modify your return policy content provided by the AfterShip Returns Center or put the link of your policy page.

4. Terms and conditions checkbox

This function is available for users who are on a premium plan or higher.
Once you enable it, shoppers have to accept your terms and conditions first before filing a return request.

Here's what you need to do:

Click the Enabled radio button
Add your preferred text and add your policy link if you want
If you want your terms and conditions to be accepted by default, click the checkbox
If you want your terms and conditions to be displayed first, click the checkbox present in the Pop-up window section and click Edit content to mention your T&Cs

❖ Make changes in the Theme Settings tab

It comprises 4 sections that you can customize to create an ideal returns page:

1. Theme style

Basic will be your returns page theme by default, which can’t be changed for the time being. But don’t worry, we’re going to add more themes soon.

As far as the font of the returns page is concerned, you have two options:

Primary font: If you want to set a specific font for the header, footer, and button, choose it from the menu

Body font: If you want to set a specific font for the body of your returns page, choose it from the menu

You can easily change the color with the respect to banners, buttons, and body text links.

Note: You can keep the primary font and body font the same if you want to ensure consistency.

In case you don’t see your preferred font in the menu, get in touch with our support team

2. Favicon

If you want to show your brand logo as a favicon, upload it in the ICO or PNG format. Also, keeps the size under 50 KB and dimensions to 32 x 32px.

Note: AfterShip Returns Center logo will be shown in case you don’t upload yours as a favicon.

3. Header

It is divided into 3 parts:

Store: The name of your store will be picked automatically, as it is already connected with the AfterShip Returns Center. However, you can change the store URL if you want to

Logo: Upload your brand logo in JPG, PNG, JPEG, or GIF format and keep its size under 2 MB. Also, set the logo size and position as per your preference

Menu: Click Add menu item if you want to show a dedicated menu on your returns page. Otherwise, let it be as is

4. Footer

It comprises 2 sections:

Social account: If you have pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can connect them by adding their respective URLs

Page links: If you have Contact us, Terms, and Privacy pages that you want your store visitors to go through, add their respective URLs in the given fields

Once you set everything properly, your returns page will look something like this:

In case you need any help regarding customization or want the Returns Center branding removed from your page, contact our chat support team now
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