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How to Integrate Gorgias With AfterShip Returns Center

After getting their return request approved, shoppers generally have queries related to refund, delays, etc. For brands, it is imperative to provide prompt answers to shoppers for the sake of long-term relationships.

Well, AfterShip Returns Center can be integrated with Gorgias to quickly respond customer service requests regarding returns. Follow the below-given steps for hassle-free integration:

Steps to integrate Gorgias with AfterShip Returns Center

Get the Gorgias Identity info by going to REST API settings of your account

Copy the data of the following fields:

Password (API Key)

Go to the Gorgias app page and paste the copied information in the right fields one by one:

Password (API Key)
ReturnsCenter Automizely API Key

Click on ‘Connect’ to finish the procedure.

What’s the procedure to get a new AfterShip Returns Center API Key?

In case you don’t have the AfterShip Returns Center Key to establish a connection with Gorgias, create a new one by following these steps:

Go to API keys settings > Click on 'Create API key'
Give a name to your API key like Gorgias and provide an email address in step 1
Select the radio button given for 'Token' in step 2 and turn on the toggle button given for 'ReturnsCenter'
Hit the 'Save' button to generate the API key

How would I know the connection has been established successfully?

You can check the connection here or go to the General Settings of your Gorgias account > Integrations > HTTP

Is there anything else I need to after the integration?

After connecting your AfterShip Returns Center account with Gorgias, you need to perform these minor actions:

Connect your Shopify store: Go to the 'Integrations' settings of your Gorgias account > Choose 'Shopify' and then click on 'Add Shopify' button > Enter your Shopify store name and then tap on the 'Add integration' button

Connect your support email: Go to the 'Integrations' settings of your Gorgias account > Choose 'Email' and then click on 'Add email address' button > Enter your support email address and import your emails if you want to > Set your support email settings and then tap on the 'Save changes' button

Now, your team can easily access vital information whenever they check tickets.

On the right-hand sidebar, you can see the following details.

Order number
RMA number
Resolution type
Refund value
Return method
Return reason
Blocked customers' details (Make sure you add the customer to your blocklist first)

In case you face any issue during the integration process, contact our chat support team now

Updated on: 11/04/2023

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