Shoppers prefer exchanging a product rather than returning it. With the new display mode, set up mapping rules in the Returns Center and allow the exchange of purchased products for available variants.

For example, if a purchased bracelet is available in three different colors, then shoppers can exchange it for one of the variants. Shoppers will not be able to select a variant when it is out of stock or does not meet price rules.

Additionally, you can define advanced rules and set a price range for exchange. With display mode as Free text, shoppers need to enter exchange notes.

🔧 Customize Exchange settings

Go to Returns Settings > Click on the checkbox given for the 'Replace with the same item(named "Exchange" before)' option

Tap on the 'Settings' button and turn on the toggle button > Decide whether you want to offer exchange for 'All variants' or for ones that are at the same price or below

Note: “Allow customers to select the product variant" option is only available for Growth and above plans.

Click on Save
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