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How to Set Eligibility Rules According to Product Types?

Managing returns has always been tough, especially for those products that can easily be damaged, like perfume, vases, etc. AfterShip Returns Center allows you to specify product categories so that you can avoid potential losses easily.

Three easy steps to set eligibility rules for different product types:

Login to your Returns Center account and go to the “Non-returnable items” section.
Check the fourth option, i.e. ‘Ineligible product types,’ and specify the types of non-returnable items in the vacant field.
Click on ‘Save.’

Yes, it’s that easy!

FYI: If the order line item contains a product that you’ve marked ineligible in your AfterShip Returns Center account, the customer won’t be able to return it from the branded returns page.

Important information to keep in mind:

You can set the eligibility rules according to product types if you are using any of the following eCommerce platforms:


Magento 1

Magento 2






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Updated on: 15/06/2022

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