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How to Set Up Returns Window?

Offering friendly return policies is necessary to maintain customer relationships for a long period, but it is important for businesses to ensure that shoppers do not take undue advantage.

AfterShip Returns Center allows Shopify store owners to control the returns window with no hassle. Here are the steps:

➡️ Steps to set up the returns window:

Go to the ‘Settings’ of your AfterShip Returns Center account > Click on ‘Eligibility rules’

In the ‘Returns window’ section, set the start and end time. For the start time, you need to choose any of these options: ‘Order date,’ ‘Fulfillment date,’ and ‘Delivery date’. Whereas you have to enter the number of days after which you want the returns window to be closed automatically

Note that you can control the returns window with order delivery date if you are on the paid plan and have installed the AfterShip app for shipment tracking. In case you don’t know how to install it, click here.

To learn how to create a product-wise return window, click here.
Click on ‘Save’ to finish the process

Now, shoppers will be able to raise a return request as long as your returns window is open. Otherwise, they will see a message like this:

In case you need any help, chat with our support team

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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