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Learn More About AfterShip Returns Fraud Prevention

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AfterShip Returns’s Fraud Prevention feature is a step ahead to help you safeguard your business interests against fraudulent and deceptive product return practices like wardrobing and empty box returns.

Type of return fraudDescription
Wardrobing (wear and return)The practice of buying items, briefly using them, and then returning them as unused, especially in the fashion and high-end goods industries.
Empty box returnsSending an empty box for returns, retaining the merchandise, and attributing the issue to shipping or retailer errors to obtain a refund or replacement.

Do I need a fraud prevention tool for returns?

Returns are tedious, expensive, and one of the major challenges eCommerce brands face today. They cost brands their sales revenue, incur additional shipping and labor costs, and can result in a negative customer experience if not handled properly.

AfterShip Return’s Fraud Prevention toolkit empowers you to

Minimize financial losses incurred from illegitimate refund requests by detecting and preventing fraudulent returns with historical returns data and the power of workflows.
Make informed decisions and optimize operations with valuable data insights into return patterns and trends.

What are the solutions available under AfterShip Returns Fraud Prevention?

AfterShip Return’s Fraud Prevention feature mitigates return policy abuse and recovers losses with the built-in fraud prevention tools.

Customer request history for fraud analysis

Analyze customer return behavior to alter your return policy with increased control where needed and drive an efficient RMA approval process.

Anti-fraud workflows

Leverage customer return behavior and history to create an automated workflow that empowers you to decide on further action once the return request is submitted. Flag requests for manual review or blocklist customers during events indicative of fraudulent behavior, such as unusually high rates of returns for certain products or suspicious return reasons.

Onboarding process

The customer should be on the Premium or above plan.
The feature works with all the AfterShip Returns supported eCommerce platforms.
The user who wants to enable this feature can do so in the AfterShip Returns admin under the Return policy section.

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Updated on: 13/06/2024

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