Shoppers always expect a faster refund after returning an item, and it’s the merchant’s responsibility to keep a close eye on all the shipments and release the order amount asap.

With AfterShip and Returns Center, you can easily address your pain points related to shipment tracking and returns management. Let’s learn how:

👉 Steps to enable ‘Shipment received’ and 'Auto-refund' automation rules:

Note that both automation rules are available only for paid plan users, so switch now if required :)
Make sure your Shopify store is connected to AfterShip as well.
Go to the ‘Automation Rules’ section of your AfterShip Returns Center account > You’ll see two options:

Enable auto-received
Enable auto-refund

Turn on the toggle for both options

For option 1: When the shipment status gets updated to “Delivered” in AfterShip, the RMA status will automatically change to “Shipment Received”

For option 2: The refund will be initiated automatically, depending on which shipment status (In transit/Delivered) you have chosen while setting option 2

It’s done! So, easy-peasy

✍️ Key information:

Auto-refund only works when you select “Refund to original payment method” option in your AfterShip Returns Center account.
The refund amount won't include the charged shipping fee.

In case you have any questions regarding these automation rules, our chat support team would love to hear them and offer satisfactory answers 👍
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