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Set Up Warranty Shipping Carriers and Locations

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Under Warranty settings in the AfterShip Returns admin, merchants can now leverage the carrier accounts and shipping services originally configured to process the return shipments under Returns shipping. You can use the existing carrier accounts or add new carrier and shipping services to handle your shipping services.

Additionally, merchants can add and manage multiple warehouse locations where the warranty products will be sent back when generating return labels for them. These locations will be dedicatedly used as a Ship_to location for the Warranty returns, allowing merchants the additional capabilities to edit the shipping information to ensure the items are processed correctly.

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you:

Set up carrier accounts and services
Set up warranty return locations
Generate warranty return label
Edit shipping information when label generation fails

Set up carrier accounts and services

All your carrier accounts and services configured under Returns shipping will be automatically synced to the Warranty settings under the Shipping section.

Go to Warranty > Settings from the side menu in your AfterShip Returns admin.

Under Carrier accounts, you can see all the auto-synced carriers from the Returns shipping. If you wish to add a new carrier or edit the existing ones, you can do that in Returns shipping and the same will be synced back to Warranty settings.

All active carriers for returns will also be automatically enabled for warranty returns label generation.

Set up warranty return locations

Warranty return locations are independent of Returns warehouse locations.

Merchants need to add return locations under the Warranty return locations to generate return labels for products on which the warranty has been claimed so they can be replaced and repaired progressively and efficiently.

You must make one of your locations your default location when multiple locations are configured in warranty settings. This default location will be auto-selected when generating return labels for warranty returns. Merchants can change the Ship_to location to any other location from the Warranty return location list.

For warrant returns label generation you must configure locations in the Warranty settings first.

Go to Warranty > Settings from the side menu in your AfterShip Returns admin.

Under Warranty return locations, click Add location.

Add the name of the warehouse location.
Add the name and company of the merchant (i.e., you).
Add the address and contact information of the warehouse location.
The above information will appear on the warranty return labels.
Hit save.
All the configured warehouse locations will be listed under Warranty return locations.
To edit, remove, or default any warehouse location from the list, click the {...} icon.

Generate warranty return label

Once the customer submits a warranty claim request via the warranty page, the merchant can make an informed decision about whether the product needs to be physically returned.

Warranty RMA detail page

If the customer has to physically return the product and requires a return label, the merchant needs to Approve the claim on the Warranty RMA detail page and select the Add return label option.

Merchants can Generate return label with AfterShip Returns or Update label manually.

If the merchant opts to Generate return label with AfterShip Returns, the warranty item(s) and the corresponding Shipping information will be displayed based on your carrier accounts and default warehouse location settings on the Approve claim modal.

AfterShip automatically picks up the cheapest carrier and shipping service to ship back the item when multiple carriers and shipping services are enabled in Warranty shipping.
The Ship to location will be automatically set to the default warranty warehouse location.

If you wish to change the carrier service and the Ship to location where the item will be sent back, click Edit.

Expand the Ship to section and open the Select address dropdown. This dropdown would feature all your return locations configured in Warranty shipping settings.

Select the preferred location from the list where the item would be shipped.

Expand the Carrier and package section and select the Use a specific carrier option. This dropdown would feature all your carrier accounts configured in Returns shipping.

The option to Edit the shipping information is only available before approving the return request. Once the return request is approved without generating the return label, the return label that will be generated later won’t have the option to edit the shipping information since it will be generated with the default shipping settings.

Edit shipping information when label generation fails

Occasionally, the return label generation fails due to incomplete or wrong shipping information.
An error message banner will appear on the RMA detail page notifying the merchant about the failure and prompting them to verify the shipping information.
The merchant has the option to Edit the shipping information directly on the Warranty detail page. This allows them to correct any inaccuracies that might have caused the failure and retry generating the return label.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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