Shipping with FedEx in the US? You can enable an in-store label printing service for returns. Customers can present QR code received with shipping instructions to an associate while dropping off return packages at a FedEx office or Walgreens store.

🔗 Set up a Postmen account

Create a Postmen FedEx Shipper account
Go to API keys > Generate a new API key and copy it
Go to Returns methods > Edit methods in the US shipping zone > Enable Ship with a returns label method > Set up Postmen account > Paste the API key > Enter required details
Enable auto-approval > Save change

QR code can be generated only if you enable auto label generation for FedEx US labels.

🔗 Add a QR code to shipping instructions

Go to Returns methods > Edit default method under American Returns > Enable Ship with a returns label method
Select the "Show FedEx QR code" radio button > Save changes

The QR code will be sent to shoppers via email.
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