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Sync and Track Your Return Orders on AfterShip

AfterShip Returns Center allows customers to submit their return requests easily and keeps them updated with the present location of their return orders via AfterShip tracking.

Enabling the auto-sync feature keeps your customers informed of the present location of their order and the refund status at all times. It syncs all your shipments to the AfterShip shipment visibility dashboard for real-time tracking updates.

How to enable Returns Center shipment tracking on AfterShip?

It must be noted that your store’s return orders will get synced to AfterShip once the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is approved and the tracking number (return label) is generated.

To enable AfterShip auto-sync,

Visit the Returns Center Settings > Tracking > Enable Auto-sync > Confirm.
Once the auto-sync is enabled, new return shipments will be automatically sent to your AfterShip account.
The feature will be auto-disabled if there is no active subscription in AfterShip.
Check the allocated quota limit in AfterShip. Extra charges will be incurred for each additional shipment tracking.

How will the return shipments be displayed on the AfterShip Shipment dashboard?

All the return shipments synced to AfterShip have an RMA ID and a tracking number.
The shipments have the AfterShip Returns Center logo to help you distinguish between them and the AfterShip shipments.

You can sort the returns shipments by simply clicking on More filters > Source > returnscenter.

Once you visit the individual return shipment page, you can view the detailed tracking updates along with the RMA ID, carrier slug, service type, return pickup date, and customer information.

The detailed shipment page contains some fields, though customizable, please do not edit them.
These fields (mentioned below) are generated when a buyer creates a return request and contain important shipment information that should not be modified.
AfterShip Returns Center doesn't allow merchants to edit the RMA details. If a merchant tries to update them on AfterShip, the changes will not be synced.

Easy enough?

Try the feature yourself to ensure a smooth returns experience for your customers.

Updated on: 04/11/2022

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