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What Does ‘Green Returns’ Mean and How to Use This Return Method?

Accepting returns isn’t easy for e-commerce businesses because it not only consumes ample time but also costs capital related to shipping costs, damages, etc.

With AfterShip Returns Center, you can use the ‘Green returns’ to skip time sinks and also obtain customer delight. Yes, you got that right, it’s like killing two birds with one stone 😉

🤔 When should I opt for the ‘Green returns’?

The meaning of ‘Green returns’ is to refund the order amount without collecting the package from the customer. You should use this return method for non-durable and inexpensive products.

In a nutshell, if you sell perishable items, using the ‘Green returns’ is a much better choice than facing the hassle of returns handling 👍

➡️ Steps to use ‘Green returns’ effectively:

Go to the ‘Returns methods’ settings of your AfterShip Returns Center account> Click on the ‘New routing rule’ option (If you haven't saved any earlier)

Now, give your routing rule a name, define the returns options — “Product type,” “Order tag,” “Returns reason,” and “Resolution” — and then click on the 'Submit' button

Note: if you are opting for the ‘Order tag’ or ‘Product type’ option, make sure that your product is categorized under the same tag or type to enjoy smooth returns management process

Tap on the ‘Edit’ option of your created rule and choose the last option of the “Returns methods” section

Check all the default data and modify it with the utmost ease if required

Once done, click on the ‘Enabled’ option and then hit the ‘Save’ button

After creating a new routing rule, you just need to follow the drill like this:

In case you need assistance regarding this return method, chat with our support team now

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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