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Troubleshooting Common Functional Problems


Here is the list of common errors customers face while using AfterShip Returns for their eCommerce problems and why they occur in the first place.

Error: Refund failed

Reason: There is a known limitation between Shopify and Meta (Facebook, Instagram, or Marketplace) that you can only fully refund Meta orders through Shopify.

Solution: If you would like to partially refund (Deduct the cost of return or other variables) your Meta orders, you'll have to manually refund your customers on Facebook, Instagram, or Marketplace.

Error: Unable to submit a return request (Product unavailable, please contact the store)

Solution: If the end customer has received the error Product unavailable, please contact the store, please check the product configuration on AfterShip Feed for TikTok Shop sales channel. If the exchange product isn't published on the sales channel, the shopper won't be able to exchange the product.

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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