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Exchange for Other Items: Salesforce Commerce Cloud On-Store Setup (Stripe Checkout)

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Enabling the Stripe checkout option for Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants requires additional steps and installations which are slight different from what Shopify and BigCommerce merchants are required to do, allowing them to preserve the “Exchange Request” by capturing payment through Stripe + AfterShip Returns, and holding the new exchange order until it triggers the set conditions.

This help guide will showcase the step-by-step process to activate Exchange for Other Item option for SFCC merchants to let shoppers exchange on store and checkout through Stripe.

How to set up the Stripe checkout in AfterShip Returns

The entire process of enabling and setting up Exchange for Other Items option for customers on-store and via Stripe checkout is the same as Shopify and BigCommerce. Checkout the complete tutorial .

The SFCC merchant needs to take care of a few development requirements on their store before enabling the Exchange for Other Items in AfterShip Returns.

Configuration in Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Step 1: Plugin upload

A code plugin Returns EFA on store needs to be uploaded and configured to your SFCC store admin, for the feature to work once enabled on AfterShip Returns.

AfterShip Returns offers two ways to upload the code plugin

AfterShip Returns can upload the plugin on behalf of the customer

The customer needs to give us their active code version, such as "version_sfra".

The customer needs to give us their user information and website details. The hostname should be the root domain of the website.

  "username": "",
  "password": "",
  "hostname": "",
  "code-version": "version_sfra"

The customer can upload themselves by using our code compression package.

The customer’s technical team have to to uncompress the package and upload the code themselves to their store.

Step 2: Additional settings in SFCC backend

Log in to your SFCC backend
Move to the Administration tab and click on it to expand the menu. Click on Manage Sites

Select the store where you want to install the AfterShip Returns Exchange for Other Items on-store Credit banner

Once the store is selected, click on the Settings tab

For example, I selected the website RefArchGlobal

Add the "aftership returns cartridges" (int_aftership_returns_sfra) at the beginning of the Cartridges

Make sure that the current website is built on the SFRA (Storefront Reference Architecture) framework (with app_storefront_base as the last value).

Hit Apply

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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