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Managing Instant Exchange Return Requests

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Managing return requests for instant exchanges is similar to managing a normal return request. The only difference is the credit card authorization amount hold that will be displayed on the RMA detail. Based on whether the customer returns the item within the configured window for instant exchanges determines whether they will be charged for the full value of the return items and the same will be reflected via 3 key statuses on the RMA detail page

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In this tutorial, we will show you:

Instant exchange statuses
Instant exchange RMA management
Stripe customer experience

Instant exchange statuses

Charge statusDescriptionActivity log
Hold placedThis means that the card was held for a certain amount, but not actually charged yet{$$} amount on hold as the customer selected "Instant exchange". The amount charged will be based on your Hold amount settings
Charged This is the status when the card is fully charged (the most likely scenario is that the customer received an instant exchange but never followed through on their return, leading you to charge the customer for the product).{$$} charged as the return was not {in transit/delivered/marked as received} within {x} days of the request approval. The amount charged will be based on your Charge card return window settings
Charged failedThere is a chance that the charge will fail. A typical scenario is if a card is nearly maxed out; you put an authorization hold on it which reserves that money. Then, the auth expires and the customer buys something to max it out fully. Now you can't charge that card since it's maxed out.The charge for "Instant exchange" will fail.
Charge canceled(1) If the return was sent back within the configured time window that you have set, then the shopper will not be charged.(1) The customer was not charged as the return was {in transit/delivered/marked as received} within {x} days of the request approval.
(2) If the RMA is rejected, then the charge will be canceled.(2) The customer was not charged as the return request was rejected.

Instant exchange RMA management

The return requests for Instant exchange will display on the Returns dashboard as any other request. Under the Resolution tab, you will see the method the customer has opted for i.e., Replace with the same item or Exchange for other items.

Click on the specific RMA for Instant exchange to open its detail page. For instant exchange RMA requests, there will be an additional section displaying the amount held for card authorization for Instant exchange.
This card will be charged, if needed, to make up for the full value of the returned items, if the customer fails to send the items back within your set Card charge settings.

A. If the card is put on temporary hold, the status of the Instant exchange will display "Hold placed"

Click Stripe payment and it will direct you to Stripe admin to check the transaction details

B. If the card is charged as a result of the failure to return the items in due time, the status will update to "Charged" .

You can see both the temporary hold placed on your card and the total return value charged. Click on each link to access the transaction details on Stripe.

C. If the card cannot be charged due to the maxed-out credit limit, the status of the Instant exchange will reflect "Charge failed"

D. If the customer returns the items within the return window set by you, the card will not be charged and the status of the Instant exchange will change to "Not charged"

You can filter the requests for Instant exchanges with the Authorization status filter. Click More filters > Authorization status > Select the status > Done

On hold
Charge failed
Not charged

Stripe customer experience

When the shopper's credit card is put on temporary hold with a certain amount for Instant exchange, the same will reflect on Stripe. Find below the details accompanying the Instant exchange transaction done via the returns portal.

You can also view the Stripe transaction details of a specific RMA by clicking Stripe payment on that RMA’s detail page.

Supported platforms

Instant exchange for replace with the same item exchange resolution method is available for Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Salesforce users
Instant exchange for exchange with other items resolution method is available for Shopify users using Stripe checkout

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Updated on: 26/09/2023

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