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Set Up Your Zendesk Integration

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Once customers’ return requests are approved, they usually have concerns related to refunds, delays, etc. Due to this, they raise support requests, and giving swift answers is important to set their mind at ease.

AfterShip Returns' seamless integration with Zendesk allows support teams to quickly assist customers.

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In this article, we will show you:

Generate AfterShip Returns API key
Connect AfterShip Returns with Zendesk

Generate AfterShip Returns API key

Go to Organization in the AfterShip Returns settings
Navigate to API keys under Developers section. Click Create API key, for premium plan users, please reach out to support
Enter all the details carefully

Input the API key name
Set API Key as the signature header and turn on the toggle button to give the required permissions to the mentioned scopes AfterShip Returns
Click Save to generate your API key
Copy the API key to your keyboard

Connect AfterShip Returns with Zendesk

Create a Zendesk account, verify your email, and set up your helpdesk.

Go to Apps in AfterShip Returns admin
Click View more apps, and you will be redirected to the AfterShip Returns integration page.
Find Zendesk and select it to land on the detailed integration page
Select AfterShip Returns from the dropdown and then click Install app
Select the right organization (online store) if you have multiple organizations configured in AfterShip Returns for which you are establishing this integration
You will be directed to the AfterShip Returns integration apps page on Zendesk. Click Install and select the account to install the app and click Install again

Paste the AfterShip Returns API Key in the designated field at Zendesk
Select Role and Group restrictions

Now, your customer support team will be able to access crucial details like:

Order number
RMA number
Exchange for anything status
Return method
Return status
Return reason
Carrier slug
Tracking number
Refunded total

Need help with installation? Get it from our chat support team now

Updated on: 02/11/2023

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