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Integrate LoyaltyLion With AfterShip Returns

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Integrate LoyaltyLion with AfterShip Returns to incentivize customers with reward points on the Loyaltylion platform when they select Exchange for other items in their first return request of the original order.

This integration will streamline the data flow between LoyaltyLion and AfterShip Returns to offer a better loyalty program that could cover customer’s whole purchase journey including returns.

What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we will show you:

Install Loyalty Lion on AfterShip Returns
Use cases


Ensure you have an active LoyaltyLion account with all the enhancement features .
Ensure your LoyaltyLion account is connected to the same Shopify store your AfterShip Returns account is connected to
Your online store customers need to sign up for the LoyaltyLion loyalty program to be able to avail and redeem their reward points

Install Loyalty Lion on AfterShip Returns

Go to Apps in AfterShip Returns admin
Click View more apps, and you will be redirected to the AfterShip Returns integration page
Find LoyaltyLion and select it to land on the detailed integration page
Select AfterShip Returns from the dropdown and then click Install app

Select the right organization (online store) if you have multiple organizations configured in AfterShip Returns (optional) for which you are establishing this integration
Click Authorize to allow AfterShip Returns access to your LoyaltyLion platform data

You can view all the connected apps under the Apps section in your AfterShip Returns admin

Use cases

1. Offer loyalty points when customers opt for exchange for other items return option

Suppose you would like to incentivize your customers by issuing reward points when they choose Exchange for other items as their resolution method over a refund, follow the steps below.

Enable the Exchange for other items option in your AfterShip Returns admin. Learn more on how to set up the option for your store.

Go to your LoyaltyLion dashboard, and switch to the Manage tab
Click Create new rule under Activity rules > Custom rule

Fill in the required details

a. Identifier: Add aftership_exchange in the field
b. Points: Add the number of points you want to give in rewards
c. Approval method: Select whether the points will be transferred immediately or triggered
d. Limit: Set how many times the loyalty points (max) in a certain period—day, week, month, or year will be given
e. Title and customer-facing notification text you can add as per your convenience

Click Create rule. The newly created rule will be displayed on the custom rules dashboard

Process Flow

The customer submits an exchange request

The original and exchange order data will be synced to LoyaltyLion

Go to the Customers section. All the enrolled and guest customers of your store will be listed below.
Select the customer who has placed the exchange to enter the detailed customer information page
Under Orders, you can see both orders

The merchant approves the return request in the AfterShip Returns admin

LoyaltyLion reward points will be immediately given to the customers and will reflect in their LoyaltyLion widget on your store

You can view the reward points given to the customer for initiating an exchange on LoyaltyLion under the Customers section > History
The log will be labeled with Aftership_exchange

2. Create routing rules for LoyaltyLion enrolled customers

If you would like to offer specific return shipping service to your customers who are enrolled in your loyalty program with free cost of return, you can do so by using the customer tag as a condition in the AfterShip Returns routing rules setting.

Once you are finished installing the Loyalty Lion integration app, AfterShip will sync up customer information from LoyaltyLion and configure a customer tag loyaltylion.enrolled in the backend.

Users who would like to create a routing rule for LoyaltyLion enrolled customers can simply create a new routing rule with the condition that the customer tag of the customer who placed the order is loyaltylion.enrolled8.

Additionally under the Return shipping method, you can keep the Cost of return - Free for all the enabled methods.

This routing rule will filter customers who are enrolled in the LoyaltyLion platform automatically and offer them free cost of return.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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