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Integrate Peoplevox With AfterShip Returns

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AfterShip Returns integrates with Peoplevox to help you receive and process returned products efficiently.

What is Peoplevox?

Peoplevox is a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) designed for eCommerce businesses to manage their warehouse operations efficiently, including inventory management, order processing, picking, packing, and shipping.

Peoplevox and AfterShip Returns integration benefits

Integrating Peoplevox with AfterShip Returns allows merchants to optimize their warehouse and returns management processes, ensuring data related to returns, inventory levels, and order statuses is synchronized between the two systems in real time.


The Peoplevox-AfterShip Returns integration supports:

Creating a return on Peoplevox when an RMA is approved in AfterShip Returns.
Reporting of returned item receipt result from Peoplevox back to AfterShip Returns.

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we will introduce:

Connecting Peoplevox with AfterShip Returns
Required integration settings
RMA management
Troubleshooting tips


To integrate Poeplevox with AfterShip Returns, ​​you will need:

Peoplevox username
Peoplevox password
Client ID

Connecting Peoplevox account with AfterShip Returns

Go to Apps in AfterShip Returns admin.
Click View more apps, and you will be redirected to the AfterShip Returns integration page.

Find Peoplevox and click on it to land on the detailed integration page.

Click Install app.
Select the right organization (online store) if you have multiple organizations configured in AfterShip Returns (Optional) for which you are establishing this integration.
To install the Peoplevox app, you need to fill in your Peoplevox username, password, and Client ID to authenticate the connection.

If you do not know or have access to your credentials, please contact Peoplevox for help.

On the Authorization window, click Install app.

Required integration settings

Step 1: Add warehouse location associated with Peoplevox in AfterShip Returns

Go to your AfterShip Returns admin and click your organization name in the upper-right corner.
Click Manage organization and navigate to Locations on the side bar.

Click Add location and fill in the warehouse details associated with your Peoplevox WMS account. This return location address will be used for generating return labels under the applicable routing rules and subsequently syncing RMA data to Peoplevox.

Set the status of the location to active by shifting the toggle to the right.

While adding the address of the warehouse location, make sure you are using the correct format required by the carrier.

To associate the return location with Peoplevox, you MUST use the Site ID as the location with peoplevox# as a prefix (see screenshot below).

To locate your Site ID in Poeplevox, follow the steps below.

Go to Warehouse > Sites in your Peoplevox WMS admin.
All your locations will be listed. For the location you want to add to AfterShip Returns and copy the ID for that location from under the Reference section.

In the example below, peoplevox#WH1 will be added as the location name when Warehouse 1 is added as the associated return location.

Click Save once you are finished editing the location details.

Our system may take up to 30 minutes to link this location with your Peoplevox site.
Once a Peoplevox icon appears next to the location name, it signifies that the location has been successfully linked with your Peoplevox account.

Step 2: Set up routing rules to generate return labels with the Poeplevox warehouse location(s)

This will ensure that when customers opt for the Ship with a return label shipping method to send their items back, the items that are being routed under the Return routing rules of a specific region to a warehouse location associated with Peoplevox, the RMA of the item being returned is automatically synced to Peoplevox for your warehouse team to process the return accordingly after inspection and subsequently update the receipt of the item.

Go to Return routing rules under Return policy in the AfterShip Return admin.
Select the region for which you want to update the Ship with a return label shipping method location configuration.
Select a routing rule of that particular region, click the {...} icon > Edit rule.

Move to Return shipping methods > Ship with a return label.
Under the Prepaid return label bloc, edit the return shipping information. Select the warehouse location associated with your Peoplevox WMS that you configured in Step 1 as your return location.

Save the routing rule settings.

If you want to configure each of your store’s routing rules with Peoplevox’s warehouse locations to seamlessly manage your warehouse operations, you can do that under the Return routing rules of your AfterShip Returns admin.

Step 3: Test the integration by creating a test RMA

Once the locations and return routing rules are set up, you can test the integration by creating an RMA in your AfterShip portal and approving it to generate return labels.

RMA management and sync between Poeplevox and AfterShip Returns

AfterShip Returns will sync the RMA details to Peoplevox once a return request is approved and a return label is created in AfterShip Returns. You can conveniently track the return by using the AfterShip RMA# within the Peoplevox system under Returns section.

Approved RMA in AfterShip Returns

RMA synced to Peoplevox

Upon the arrival of the return at the warehouse, your warehouse team must record the receipt for the returned item after inspection in Peoplevox. Upon completion of this step, the RMA will reflect that the item is Received, and the Return shipment status will be changed to Received in the AfterShip Returns admin. Subsequent automation will then be initiated to process a refund or generate an exchange order if necessary.

Return successfully completed in Peoplevox

RMA status updated to received in AfterShip Returns

Troubleshooting tips

If you're not seeing an RMA created on Peoplevox, here's what might be happening:

Return Label Method: AfterShip syncs the RMA data to Peoplevox using the return location mentioned on the return label of the RMA. This means the integration works only when the return method of the RMA is Ship with a return label, and the label must be generated within AfterShip Returns using our carrier integration.

Tracking Number Sync: The integration syncs the return shipment's tracking number to Peoplevox. Warehouse staff can use this number to find the RMA when they receive the return package. This sync happens only when the return label is generated in AfterShip Returns at the time the RMA is approved.

Item SKU Matching: AfterShip uses the item SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) from your eCommerce platform to create returns on Peoplevox. Make sure your Peoplevox account is connected to your eCommerce platform, and the SKU on your eCommerce platform matches the item code on Peoplevox. This ensures smooth synchronization of return data.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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