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Set Up Your NetSuite Integration

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AfterShip Returns and NetSuite integration is built as a one-way integration responsible for triggering the following actions.

a. Create return authorization (RA) within NetSuite when a return approves in AfterShip Returns.

Optional configurations

b. Create an item (return) receipt within NetSuite when an item is marked as received in AfterShip Returns.

The item receipt will be linked to the original RMA request
For every item in an RMA, a separate receipt will be generated in NetSuite

c. Create a credit memo in NetSuite (Select either of the options)

When the RMA updates to refunded in AfterShip Returns. It can be a auto or manual refund to the original payment method, gift card, store credit, full refund, or an excess amount during an exchange order
When the RMA updates to Mark as received in AfterShip Return

The credit memo will be linked to the original RMA request

Important information

The integration is still in the beta phase. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a seamless plugin or that it will meet the requirements for all NetSuite configurations
We are open to making minor adjustments and incorporating customization to fulfill merchant needs wherever possible. However, unique customizations may incur additional charges
We advise using our webhook via the NetSuite connector for a fully-customizable solution
Though the setup is simple, we would recommend testing the integration extensively to ensure it meets your business needs

Integration set up

Connect your ecommerce store to AfterShip Returns
Connect your ecommerce store to NetSuite Connector
Connect your AfterShip Returns account with NetSuite

a. Go to Apps in AfterShip Returns admin
b. Click View more apps, and you will be redirected to the AfterShip Returns integration page.
c. Find NetSuite and select it to land on the detailed integration page
d. Select AfterShip Returns from the dropdown and then click Install app
e. Select the right organization (online store) if you have multiple organizations configured in AfterShip Returns for which you are establishing this integration
f. Fill in the fields below to authenticate the connection. Follow this guide to set up and find all the fields mentioned below.

Account ID
Consumer key
Consumer secret
Token ID
Token secret
Custom Field Of Channel OrderId

Click Install app
Select the desired option

a. Create Return Authorization when return is approved (Must enable because Item receipt and Credit Memo are both based on Return Authorization)
b. Create Item Receipt when return item is marked as received (Optional)
c. Create Credit Memo (Optional, choose either of them)
- when return is refunded
- when return item is marked as received

Click Continue

Triggers and actions

AfterShip TriggersNetSuite Actions
RMA approvedWrite Return Authorization
RMA marked as received1. Write Item Receipt (optional) 2. Write Credit Memo (optional)
RMA refundedWrite Credit Memo (optional)

For any questions or help, please contact our chat support team

Updated on: 02/11/2023

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