Webhooks are a gateway to receive real-time updates at a particular destination you define. AfterShip Returns Center allows you to easily create and manage webhooks and get real-time return request updates when events of interest occur.

➡️ Steps to follow:

Log in to your AfterShip Returns Center account
Go to Settings > Webhooks

Add the Endpoint URL and description of what the webhook will be used for

Note: Please ensure that the endpoint URL you set to receive notifications can be accessed.

Events: Under the Events section, you can select which events you want to get notifications for. Currently, two events can trigger a webhook:

return.updated: Occurs whenever a return request is updated
return.created: Occurs when a return request is successfully submitted

All events: Choose this option if you want to get notifications for both (return.updated and return.created)

Feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions.
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