Merge tags are shortcodes also known as custom variables and personalization tags used to insert dynamic content in your return orders email notifications. Merge tags automatically extract unique user, order, and carrier information from the AfterShip Returns Center database according to the return status.

Each return status email has a list of merge tags displayed on the left-hand side of the admin.
Each email communicates different information, so make sure to review all the tags available for all the email templates.

Here’s the list of merge tags available at the AfterShip Returns Center.


Display the name of your customer


Display the unique RMA id of a return request


Display the associated order number of a return request


Display your store name


Display the reject reason. It will be displayed only if the return is rejected.


Display the relevant shipping instructions to ship the return items, according to the Returns Methods chosen by customers.

Note: You can set up shipping instructions for each enabled return method through their respective detail pages.


Display your "Contact Us" URL or email


The action you want your customers to take after reading the email.

The return action button will be generated automatically based on your returns method, it can be one of the following: 

Download Returns Label
Add Tracking Details
View Store Locations

Customize shipping instructions

AfterShip Returns Center allows merchants to give their customers the liberty to choose how they wish to return their order. Based on the return method selected, merchants can set up clear shipping instructions that customers need to follow to send the item back to them.

The shipping instructions and the return address for each return option can be customized via their respective detail pages.
The instructions set up by the merchants will be displayed on the return page and the email notification once the return request is approved.
The merchants can also adjust whether they want the return request to be manually approved or automatically.

Here’s how you can edit your shipping instructions.

Login to your AfterShip Returns Center account
Navigate to Return Methods from the admin
Edit the default routing rules
Click on one of the Return Methods you wish to edit
Edit the shipping instruction and return address for the return method you selected and click Save.

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