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Manage Internal Notifications in AfterShip Returns

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Internal notifications in AfterShip Returns is a feature that allows you to send important return alerts to yourself and other members of your organization. Internal notifications ensure that you stay up to date with the latest return updates, which require your immediate attention.

You can decide which notifications you and your organization members will receive by selecting the email recipients from under the Recipients list. These notifications will also ensure complete transparency across your customer service team and quick resolution of essential returns, refunds, and exchange issues.

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In this article, we will show you:

Internal notifications setup
Types of internal notifications

Internal notifications setup

Go to Internal notifications in AfterShip Returns settings
Toggle on internal notifications for return statuses for which you want to receive an email alert

Click Manage to select the recipients of the internal notification. You can choose yourself (owner) and/or the organization members.
Search recipient by name or email address, then tick the checkbox for the recipients you want included in the list and click Confirm
Click View example to preview the email notification template

Additional considerations

You must select at least one recipient
Only the AfterShip Returns organization owner and members can be added as recipients
External or unregistered recipients can’t be added

Types of internal notifications

Internal notifications are of two types.

General: Email notifications for the standard returns status updates and weekly reports

Return request submitted by customer: When a customer successfully submits a return request through the returns page.

a. You will receive internal notifications for this update so you can manually approve the return request. If selected, your organization member(s) will receive the notification for the same reason
b. You can choose to receive an email notification when the return requests are auto-approved for verification reasons

Exchange request auto-rejected: When a return request is automatically rejected as the customer changed their shipping state or country/region when paying for the exchange order.

Gift return request submitted by recipient: When a return request is submitted by a gift recipient through the returns page or by filling out a gift return request form.

“Ship with the carrier customer choose” return is shipped: Sent when a customer input tracking number for this type of return on the returns portal and enter and add tracking details.

Customer returns received: Sent when you mark items returned by customers as received.

Return request expired: Sent when a return request expires

Weekly report: To receive a weekly summary of your returns performance

Automation failed: Email notifications for the failed auto-triggered actions

Auto-generate labels failed: When the system fails to auto-generate a return label when a return request is approved.

Auto-refund failed: When the system fails to initiate an auto-refund when the return status is updated to the one configured in the Automation rule settings.

Auto-create “Replace with the same item” order failed: Sent when the system fails to auto-create an exchange order for this resolution.

Auto-create exchange order failed: When the system fails to automatically create an exchange order for a return request when the status is updated to the one configured in the Automation rule settings.

Auto-restock failed: Sent when the system fails to auto-restock returned items.

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Updated on: 28/09/2023

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