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Connect Branded Returns Page to WooCommerce Store

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WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. With the branded returns page, you can deliver a seamless return experience to customers. Enable customized notifications and keep customers informed about the status of return requests at all times.

What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we will show you:

Install a plugin
Add a new page
Add returns page to navigation menu

Step 1. Install a plugin

Log in to WordPress admin panel > Plugins > Add new
Install and activate Page Links To plugin

Step 2. Add a new page

Go to Customizations > Returns page in the AfterShip Returns admin
Move to the Add returns page to website section and copy your returns page URL

Log in to WordPress admin panel > Pages > Add new > Enter title (e.g,. Returns)

Navigate to Page Links To tab on the side panel

Select the  A Custom URL option
Paste the Returns page URL in the LINKS TO field
Save changes
Preview the page and publish

Step 3. Add returns page to navigation menu

Log in to WordPress admin panel > Appearance > Menus
Give your menu a name (for your reference) and click Create a menu

On the side panel, select the returns page and click Add to menu
Click Save menu

Updated on: 09/10/2023

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