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How to Add Return Policy Page

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A simple and easily comprehensible return policy is the first step towards delivering a hassle-free returns experience. AfterShip Returns provides a pre-defined and customizable return policy page to help you implement an effective return policy for your online store. The returns policy page can be set up in the Returns page editor under Customizations > Returns page.

Returns policy page set up

Go to the Returns page in the AfterShip Returns admin
Click Customize in the top-right corner of the page

Click Returns policy summary or > icon under Page content settings to open the returns policy set up page

Configuration options available for the Returns policy summary page under the Returns page settings are as follows

Text: Summarize your return policy in the given dialogue box to give your customer a clear understanding of what makes a product eligible or ineligible for a return, along with your company's refund, exchange, and shipping policy.
Button text: Edit the CTA button text to encourage customers to review your returns policy before initiating a return
Button link: Select the link destination to redirect customers to the returns policy page URL to want you when they click View Full Policy on the return page

Click Localize to edit the returns policy summary elements on the order lookup page in languages you've added for your returns page

To edit the Button link, click the Returns policy link. You can also select the Returns policy page from the dropdown above.

You get two options to configure the return policy link

Edit content of your existing returns policy published on your website

Users will be directed to the updated version of the returns policy when they click View return policy.

a. Click Edit content to open the existing return policy editor box

b. Format content with Paragraph, Heading 1, and Heading 2 options
c. Insert links in content by clicking the Link 🔗synmbol

Select Custom page URL if you wish to redirect users to a different return policy page than what is given on your website

a. Add the custom URL in the URL field you wish to direct users to view your company’s return policy

Click Save to confirm changes

For any further questions or help, please contact our chat support team

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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