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How to Display Cost of Returns and Taxes on Your Returns Page

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Shoppers always want to check the full breakdown of the total amount before making a purchase because it gives them clarity on product pricing, shipping charges, and taxes. It helps them see the total amount that will be refunded or they need to pay while returning or exchanging a product to prevent any money-related disagreements.

You can can easily show a breakdown of the total amount on their returns page created via AfterShip Returns Center.

Configure the cost of returns

If you only want to show the cost of returns to customers, follow these steps:

Go to Return routing rules in your AfterShip Returns admin
Select the return zone and the consequent routing rule you'd like to edit. Click the {...} icon and choose Edit
Scroll down to the Return shipping methods section and select the return method for which you'd like to set the cost of return
For all the supported return methods, you can either the set the cost of return as Free or Custom

Just expand the dropdown under Cost of return and select one of the options
Add the currency and cost of return value if you have selected Custom
You can also choose not to display the cost of return
Cilck Save, once done

This is how your returns page will look to customers:

Configure returns item tax

You can show the cost of returns along with the taxable amount if you follow the aforementioned steps and make a minor change in your Shopify admin as explained below:

Go to [Settings]( in your Shopify admin
Scroll down to Taxes and duties
Look for Decide how tax is charged and uncheck the Include tax in prices option if it’s checked. This way customers would be able to see taxes levied on the returns separately.

Go to Products in your Shopify admin. Select any product and move down to Pricing section. Check the Charge tax on this product option

Click Save

Now, this is how your returns page will look to customers:

In case you need any help, contact our chat support team.

Updated on: 21/08/2023

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