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Create CNAME Entry for Branded Returns Page in HostGator

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Note that enabling SSL is mandatory due to the new Cloudflare policy. So, if you are already using a custom domain, make sure the SSL is activated at your end as well for uninterrupted and delightful experience. Connect with our support team for the same.

Add host value

Let us suppose you wish to set the custom returns page URL as So, the value of the host filed will be returns.

Create CNAME entry

Go to HostGator > CPanel link > Domains > Zone editor > Select a domain and click the CName Record link beside the domain
Consider as your website and enter details as follows

Host: Based on the above example returns*

Points to:

Domains is a placeholder for your brand's name (i.e., ANTIQUEVASE), this is the URL that was set up when you first installed AfterShip Returns to your Shopify store (i.e.,

TTL: Leave it unchanged

Custom domain:

Add record

It can take up to 48 hours to modify the CNAME settings.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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