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How to Embed Your Branded Return Page Into Your Store

Plans: Premium, Enterprise Platforms: Shopify


AfterShip Returns by default structures returns portal in a way that leaves little to no room for much navigation, header, and footer elemental customization. Though you can edit the look and feel of the header and footer to maximize your brand representation, you cannot add additional sections to expand their navigational capabilities.

If you would like your returns portal to deliver the same customer experience as the rest of your online store, you can instead embed your branded returns page using the proxy URL. By embedding your returns page into your store’s navigation, you align your returns portal user experience with the rest of the store, giving customers a consistent experience even when submitting returns.

📢What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we will show you:

Get the proxy URL link
Shopify set up
Customize proxy URL
iFrame: Set up for other platforms
Customer experience

Go to Customizations in the AfterShip Returns admin
Click Returns Page and scroll down to Embedded returns page
Copy the app proxy URL (for Shopify only)

Shopify set up

Go to the Online store section in Shopify admin
Click Navigation

Decide whether you want to embed your returns page into the Main or Footer menu
and click + Add menu item

Enter the page title and paste the returns page app proxy URL formatted as _/apps/aftership-returns-center_ you copied from AfterShip Returns admin in the link field
Click Add

Once the URL is added, click the Save menu

Customize proxy URL

Go to Settings > Apps and sales channels in the Shopify admin
Select AfterShip Returns > View details

Scroll down to App proxy, click Customize URL. Update the URL parameters as required and click Save

Once updated, update the old proxy URL in the Shopify navigation with the new created one

The proxy URL updated in Shopify will not be updated in the AfterShip Returns admin

iFrame: Set up for other platforms

This method only applies to eCommerce platforms other than Shopify. Though you are welcome to use this method for Shopify, we recommend using the direct method above.

To embed the returns page in your store’s navigation, follow these steps below.

Go to Customizations > Returns Page in AfterShip Returns admin
Click Scroll to Add returns page to website section and click the double page icon to copy your returns page URL
Move to Embedded returns page and select Manage domains

Paste your returns page URL, default or custom, in the Enter a domain name field after https://. You can add multiple domains you want whitelisted under the Allowlisted domains section
Hit Save
The added domains will be listed under Allowlisted domains
Once domains are added, an iframe code will be generated. Click Copy to copy the generated code to the clipboard

Take help of your technical team to change the source code of the corresponding page of the e-commerce website, and then paste the iframe code.

Customer experience

Branded returns portal

Embedded returns portal

For any further questions or help, please contact our chat support team

Updated on: 17/01/2024

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