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How to Manage Carriers and Warehouses

For hassle-free return management, it is imperative to manage carriers and warehouses. With AfterShip Returns Center, you can do that with the utmost ease. Follow this guide closely to tick all the checkboxes.

⚙️ Set up settings

Log in to your AfterShip Returns Center account > Go to Settings

Select Carriers and warehouses > Take care of these 5 steps:

Carrier accounts and services
Warehouse location
Package sizes

Step 1: Integration

Click Connect account to integrate your AfterShip Returns Center account with your Postmen account.

Step 2: Carrier accounts and services

After integrating your AfterShip Returns Center account with your Postmen account, these two cases are likely to happen:

Case 1: No carriers added to Postmen

In this case, you need to log in to your Postmen account and add your preferred carriers to proceed further.

Case 2: carriers are available

You’ll see all services provided by carriers and be able to enable QR codes (FedEx, DHL Germany, etc.).

If you want to manage available services, do that on your Postmen account.

Step 3: Warehouse locations

Click Add warehouse location and enter all the details accurately.

Step 4: Package sizes

Click Add package size and specify package sizes for each type of label.

Step 5: Labels

Please note that the packing slip generation is only available for Pro, Premium, and ENT plan users.

Move the "toggle" to the right to automatically generate packing slips along with the return labels.

- You can also select if you want to print the packing slip and return label

On the same page

On separate pages

- You can choose to include barcode on the packing slip to increase warehouse handling efficiency.

👨‍💻 Create a return routing rule

Log in to your AfterShip Returns Center account > Go to Settings

Select Return routing rules and click Add routing rule

Give your return routing rule a name, set the return condition, turn on the Ship with a return label toggle button of the Return shipping methods section

Now, scroll down to the Auto-generate labels section and click Set up return shipping information

Enter all the requested details to set up auto label generation

Save your routing rule

For help, please contact our chat support team

Updated on: 06/12/2022

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