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How to Process Warranty Claim Requests

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AfterShip Returns enables you to seamlessly approve, process, and reject the warranty claim requests on the RMA detail page.

Go to Warranty under Add-ons in the AfterShip Returns admin
Click Claims
Select a claim request to open the detail page of that RMA
The RMA detail page overviews six main sections

a. Issue information: The item for which the claim is raised, the associated reason, and the resolution you offer
b. Order information: The original order number and customer contact details
c. Shipping information: The tracking number of the item being shipped after repair or replacement and the return label of the item returned to the customer
d. Additional information: All the supporting information offered by the customer while submitting the return request
e. Timeline: The timestamped list of

When was the request raised and by whom
When was the request processed/updated and by whom
When was the request updated to which status and by whom
When was the notification emails sent to the customer
When and who added the shipment details
When and how was the request resolved

f. Notes: Accompanying notes for the return request

Warranty claim requests - Administrative actions

You can take several administrative actions from the warranty request page. When the warranty claim request is submitted, the RMA status stays Under review until it is approved.

A. Approve

Upon clicking Approve, a popup will open to confirm if you would like to approve the request

You can manually upload the return label at this step or automatically generate it with AfterShip Returns’s shipping capability

You can upload the return label after approving the request. It will not pose as a blocker to approve the request

Once the request is approved, you can Add return label in the Shipment section to upload the return label. The return label will also be sent in the Approved email notification

Once the return label is generated and sent to the customer, the Shipment section will be updated with the tracking number and carrier

Upon clicking the tracking number, you will be redirected to the AfterShip Tracking’s public tracking page, where you can get the complete status of the incoming package

The RMA request will be updated to Approved

B. Process claim

When you click Process claim, a popup window will open. Select the Resolution you are offering to the customer after inspecting the product.

The following resolutions are supported.

a. Repair item
b. Replace item
c. Other

Add additional information in the Details (optional) box, if required (will be sent in the email notification)
Select the checkbox if you want to send an email notification to the customer notifying them that their RMA is in process and the resolution they can expect

Click Confirm

The RMA request will be updated to In progress

C. Mark as resolved

Once the product repair is complete and you want to return the repaired or replacement product to the customer, mark the request as resolved.

Click Mark as resolved
You can fill in the Ship to customer details, including the carrier and the tracking number

Select the checkbox to notify the customer that their request has been resolved
If you fill in the tracking details when marking the request as resolved, the shipping information will be sent in the email notification.

You can mark the request as resolved and add the shipping information later by clicking Enter shipment details in the Shipment section

Select the checkbox if you want a separate email to be sent to the customer with the shipment details
The RMA request will be updated to Resolved

D. Reject

After receiving the claim request and reviewing the request details, you can either Approve the request or Reject it.

Rejecting the request means you are denying customer’s request to claim the warranty.

Upon clicking Reject, a popup window will open
Add the reason for rejecting the warranty request in the dialogue box
Select the checkbox to send customers an email notification notifying them of the same
Click Confirm

The RMA request will be updated to Rejected

E. Cancel

The warranty claim requests can be cancelled anywhere between Approved and Resolved.

Click the Cancel claim button at the top right-hand corner of the page
Add the reason for cancelling the warranty request in the dialogue box
Select the checkbox to send customers an email notification notifying them of the same
Click Confirm

The RMA request will be updated to Cancelled

For any further questions or help, please contact our chat support team

Updated on: 10/08/2023

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