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Believing in your products means nothing if your customers don’t believe in them. The only gap between turning one-time customers into loyal customers is how they are treated and assisted post-purchase if things go haywire.

Product warranties have become a prevalent method for eCommerce businesses to prove the quality of their products. A product under warranty increases a customer’s buying confidence and allows the purchase to be returned, repaired, and replaced if something is wrong with it.

Do I need warranty software for returns?

Returns are tedious, expensive, and one of the major challenges eCommerce brands face today. They cost brands their sales revenue, incur additional shipping and labor costs, and can result in a negative customer experience if not handled properly.

Warranties allow your business to repair or replace what’s wrong with the customer’s original purchase, significantly reducing the chances of requesting refunds. The AfterShip Returns Warranty add-on feature empowers you to

Unify returns and warranties management and workflow on one platform
Unify reverse logistics for hassle-free processing of returned products moving up and down the supply chain

With AfterShip Return’s Warranty add-on feature, you can benefit in the following ways,

Set up a self-service warranty portal for customers to raise warranty claim requests themselves
Build multiple warranty policy pages to offer clear guidelines on product warranties to customers spanning different eCommerce platforms and offline sales channels like dealers, retailers, etc.
Get a centralized view of the warranty claim requests on one intuitive dashboard
Get a panoramic view of the current status and resolution of warranty claims requests
Enable quick and automatic sync with the customer order information from different eCommerce platforms
Send timely automated notifications to the customers about the status of their warranty claim requests
Streamline claim vetting, processing, and resolution through a centralized portal
Configure carrier and return location for seamless product repair, return, or replacement

What are the solutions available under AfterShip Returns Warranty?

Warranty claims overview dashboard
Warranty page for claim submission
Warranty claim status email notifications
Branded warranty pages for claim submission
Warranty carrier and warehouse location management (coming soon)

Onboarding process

The customer should be on the Enterprise plan
The AfterShip Returns contract with the Enterprise user must include Warranty as an add-on
The Enterprise user who wants to enable this feature must contact their dedicated Solutions Architect for assistance
The Solutions Architect must provide the R&D Team with the customer’s org ID to activate this feature for that account

For any further questions or help, please contact our chat support team

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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