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Enable Warranty Claim Notifications

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AfterShip Returns email notifications are designed to keep your customers informed and communicate important information at every stage of the warranty claim resolution process. AfterShip Returns lets you trigger automated email notifications for multiple scenarios. This tutorial will give you a tour of enabling automated warranty claim notifications from the AfterShip Returns admin.

📢What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we will show you:

Email notifications set up
Warranty claim statuses
Adjust sender name and email address

Email notifications set up

All email notifications will be enabled by default. If you’d like to disable any of them, follow the steps below.

Go to Warranty under Add-ons in the AfterShip Returns admin.
Click Notifications
AfterShip Returns offers email notifications for 6 key warranty claim statuses
Select the email template you would like to disable
Move the toggle to the right to enable and to the left to disable

Warranty claim statuses

As mentioned, you can trigger email notifications for 6 key return statuses to customers to convey important information throughout the warranty claim resolution process.

Here’s the list of statues and what each status means.

Warranty claim receivedWhen a warranty claim is submitted successfully by a customer via the warranty page
Warranty claim approvedWhen the merchant approves a warranty claim
Warranty claim rejectedWhen the merchant rejects a warranty claim
Warranty claim in progressWhen merchant starts to process (repair or replace) the item customers return for warranty
Warranty claim resolvedWhen a warranty claim is marked as resolved by the merchant
Warranty claim canceledWhen the merchant cancels a warranty claim

Adjust sender name and email address

By default, notification emails are sent by AfterShip Returns' standard support email address, If you’d like to use your domain to send email notifications, the email sender name and reply-to address can be changed at any time:

Go to the Sender info section in warranty Notifications
Click the Edit button given alongside the sender name and email address
Edit the desired fields

a. Name​​: This name will be displayed on warranty return emails
b.​​ Email​​: This will be shown in your customer-facing sections whenever we show a support email link
c. Save​​ the changes

To improve your delivery rate, verify your email address​​

Click Verify or add sender emails​​ on the​​ Edit sender info popup​​

You will be taken to the Sender emails section in the ​​organization settings
Click Add email​​ and input the email address you want to send your newsletters and email notifications from
Add the confirmation code sent to your email address and click Add​​
Verify your domain​​ by creating 3 CNAME records with the mentioned values at your domain's DNS settings to allow AfterShip Returns to send emails on your behalf
Once entries are created at your domain's DNS settings, click Verify​​

For any further questions or help, please contact our chat support team

Updated on: 10/08/2023

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