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Set Up Your Returns Page

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AfterShip Returns offers you your own branded return page with full customization so you can give your customers a fully on-brand experience while they are initiating and submitting returns.

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Returns page customization

Returns page customization

AfterShip Returns branded return page makes it easier to deliver a quick and easy customer returns experience. It makes building trust with your customers easier, improving engagement and driving revenue through a branded, frictionless, and impactful post-purchase experience.

AfterShip Return’s returns page editor allows retailers to customize their returns experience to meet their branding and customer needs. Let’s see what customization features you get with AfterShip Return’s suite of products and features.

Go to Customizations > Returns Page in AfterShip Returns admin
Click Customize on the upper right-hand side of page
Returns page editor offers you the settings

Page content customization
Theme settings
Returns page languages

Under the Page content customization section,

You get 8 subsections or design elements contributing to the structure and layout of the page, including–hero image, card title, order number prompt, email prompt, button (CTAs), returns policy, terms and condition checkbox, and marketing assets.

Customize the text and messaging on your return page to effectively display your brand values

Implement a clear returns policy for a hassle-free returns experience

Set up a terms and conditions checkbox to seek customer consent before they submit a return request

Add additional marketing assets to drive additional revenue and engagement

Under the Theme settings section,

Customize page color and text font to ensure your customer’s experience matches your brand style

Add your brand logo for customers to easily recognize your brand and instill a sense of loyalty

Incorporate links to your social media pages to give your audience more ways to engage and interact with your brand

Add contact details in the footer for your customers to easily reach out to you in case of any question

Under the Returns page languages settings,

You can set up multiple languages for your returns page based on different customer locales and customize the content according to match your brand style and voice.

Add returns page to your website. Use the default URL or set up your own custom domain

To learn more about return page customization and editing capabilities offered by AfterShip Returns, click here.

For any further questions or help, please contact our chat support team

Updated on: 18/02/2024

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