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Enable Google Analytics Tracking

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Google Analytics is a tracking tool that helps you collect data from your website and mobile applications to create reports that provide insights into your business.

AfterShip Returns lets you connect your Google Analytics account to track and collect data for the activity and events that take place on your branded returns page.

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In this tutorial, we will show you:

Connecting Google Analytics to AfterShip Returns
What’s tracked

Connecting Google Analytics to AfterShip Returns

Go to Customizations > Returns Page in AfterShip Returns admin
Migrate to Google Analytics
Get your Google Analytics Tracking ID or UA Number (example: UA-634576-12)
Paste the Tracking ID or UA Number into the box below Google Analytics Tracking Id
Hit Save

Google Analytics will start tracking sessions and visitors on your returns page.

What's tracked

All the actions customers take on the returns page are transported to Google Analytics by AfterShip Returns. You can track all the events under Behavior > Events in the Google Analytics dashboard.

Here is the list of events shown in Google Analytics.

Event categoryEvent action performedEvent sequence number in GAEvent sequence number meaning
Choose itemClickE10010Clicked on "Next" after selecting the item to be returned
ClickE10011Selected "Replace with the same item" as a return resolution
ClickE10012Selected "Exchange for other items" as a return resolution
ClickE10013Selected "Refund me directly" after selecting "Exchange for other items" as a return resolution
ClickE10014Selected "Next" after reviewing the replacement product for exchange under "My cart" in the side panel
ClickE10018Clicked on "Cart" after adding the replacement product from the collection to the cart for exchange
ClickE10019Selected "Refund to store credit" as a return resolution
ClickE10020Selected "Refund to original payment method" as a return resolution
ClickE10021Selected "Shop now" after choosing "Exchange for other items" as a return resolution to shop for a replacement item
ShipClickE10015Selected the shipping method to sent the item back
ReviewClickE10016Selected "Submit" after reviewing the return request
ClickE10017Selected "Pay and submit" to make payment for the excess amount for the replacement items selected for exchange and submit the return request
Order lookupClickE10050Selected "Find your order" after adding the order number and email address in the order lookup widget
Order listClickE10051Selected "Create" from the order detail page after clicking "Find your order"

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Updated on: 18/07/2023

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