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How to Start a Return With a Pre-filled Order Number and Email

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Streamlining the returns experience for your customers improves satisfaction, fosters loyalty toward your brand, and reduces the likelihood of them leaving negative reviews about your brand’s ability to handle the post-purchase experience.

AfterShip Returns’ branded returns portal allows you to offer your customers a self-service, no-support team-aided return submission with the added convenience of starting the return process with a pre-filled order number and email address during the order-lookup stage.

How to enable pre-filled order lookup with data

To start the return process with pre-filled data, i.e., without having a customer input the order number and email address to look up the order details, add the Order & Email/Zip code to parameters at the end of your returns page URL to drop your customer directly to the Choose item stage of the return process.

Here’s an example of the returns page URL with the order number and email address.


You must add api/instant? after the returns page URL, followed by order_number=1234& for the URL to work properly

Customer experience

This link can be added to the touchpoints where you offer customers the option to return the item(s) once delivered, which are mainly

Order history page
Email notifications

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Updated on: 22/08/2023

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