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Add Comments and Tag Members to RMA Requests

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AfterShip Returns allows you to tag/mention your current organization members on the RMA timeline logs to seek their immediate assistance or direct their attention to certain important developments. You can also leave comments pertaining to critical updates and announcements resulting in faster resolution of order-related issues and improved collaboration capabilities.

The mentioned member(s) will be notified via email that they are being tagged in a comment.

What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we will show you:

Comments functionality
Comments notifications functionality

Comments functionality

1. Mention members

Go to Returns in the AfterShip Returns admin
Select a return request to open its RMA detail page
Move down to the request timeline section. The comment box allows you to perform the following functions

Mention member: Upon clicking @ icon (mention), the list of your current organization members will be displayed. Click on the name to select the member you want to mention
Add member via email: You can also input the email address or nameof the person you want to mention

a. If the email address belongs to the current organization member, it will automatically display below

b. If the email address does not belong to the current organization member, you can add that member to the organization directly by clicking + Add member to AfterShip

Add the email address and select the role. Hit Add to confirm

2. Add images and files

You can attach file types such as JPG/JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, ZIP, CSV, etc to the comments
A maximum of 10 files can be uploaded. The uploading will stop if the limit is exceeded

You can add hyperlinks in the comments. Click the insert link button and add the URL and the display text
Removing the links is also supported

Edit and delete comments

Click the {...} icon and select the relevant option to edit or delete the existing comment.

Only the author has the permission to perform the delete action

Comments notifications functionality

The mentioned member will be notified via email that they are being tagged in a comment
The comment will be displayed in real-time on the AfterShip Returns admin. The bell icon will popup with the notification number to indicate that the member been tagged in a notification

Upon clicking Comment, you will be redirected to the corresponding RMA comment location

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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