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How Do Eligibility Rules Work for Discounted Items

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AfterShip Returns enables you to set a rule for discounted items, which helps to limit the losses a merchant has to bear while accepting an order return.

Set eligibility rules for discounted items

Go to Eligibility rules in the AfterShip Returns admin
Navigate to Basic rules and shift the toggle on for Do not accept discounted items if you don't want customers to return items they bought on discount. By default, it would be set to disabled.
Click Save

Scenario 1: When the Do not accept discounted items option is inactive

Customers will be able to return an item purchased on discount without any hassle.

Scenario 2: When the Do not accept discounted items option is active

If a customer has purchased a discounted item from your store and wants to return it due to some reason.

The customer will see the product they wish to return under Non-returnable items with a message Does not comply with our returns policy
The customer can view your store's return policy to confirm what's eligible for return by clicking View return policy >

In case of any queries, please contact our support team for quick assistance.

Updated on: 28/07/2023

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