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Set Up Postmen USPS Shipper Account For Seamless Label Generation

Connect a Postmen USPS Shipper account and generate labels at discounted rates. AfterShip Returns Center allows you to create labels automatically and streamline the returns process.

Please note that you'll get USPS labels at discounted rates when you ship from US.
In case you want to get discounted return labels for any other carrier than USPS, click here to learn the shipper account setup process.

🔧 Steps to generate labels for USPS automatically

Make sure you have an active Postmen USPS shipper account. In case you haven't set it up, make use of this help article.
Go to your Return routing rules settings > Select the desired rule and click the three horizontal dots to choose ‘Edit rule’

Scroll down to the Return shipping methods section and turn on the ‘Ship with a return label’ toggle button

Look for the Set return shipping information button and choose USPS in the carrier account field and fill up the remaining fields properly

Double-check all your entries and then hit the ‘Save’ button

In case you need any help, chat with our support team now

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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