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Auto-Create Orders for the Replace With the Same Item Return Requests

Plans: Premium, Enterprise Platforms: Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Returns can be difficult to manage, especially when your store is closing a large sales volume every month. The new automation rule to create exchange orders automatically when a shopper chooses to exchange the purchased item with the same item will help you manage returns better and streamline the return process further.

Enable automatic exchange order creation

It’s super easy to activate automatic order creation for the exchange with the same item return requests. Just follow these simple steps:

Go to Refunds and exchanges in the AfterShip Returns admin
Scroll down to Replacement order creation > Automatically create a replacement order in store

Move the toggle to the right to enable it
Choose a trigger to auto-create the exchange order. You can select the status of the return order based on which an exchange order will be auto-created

a. Approved: When the RMA request is approved
b. In-transit: The shipment is accepted and on the way

You need to purchase and activate the AfterShip Tracking service to enable this automation rule.

c. Delivered: The exchange item is successfully delivered

You need to purchase and activate the AfterShip Tracking service to enable this automation rule.

d. Mark as received: When the RMA request is marked as received by the merchant. In order words, the returned item is successfully received by the warehouse or shipping location

RMA management

The customer has opted for Replace with the same time for a faulty product he has received. You have Automatically create a replacement order in store* option enabled in your account.

When the return status is Approved by you, the exchange order will be automatically created when the status of the RMA request is updated Approved
The exchange order log will also reflect under the timeline

You can also see the exchange order number in the Orders section

Go to Orders in Shopify admin to check the newly created exchange order

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Updated on: 11/12/2023

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