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Customize Return Label References

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AfterShip Return's Label Reference Customization feature allows you to customize the information you want to display on the return labels reference fields to help warehouse personnel to process return packages more efficiently. Previously, by default, only RMA# and Order# were displayed on the return labels reference fields. With this new feature, you have the complete control over what RMA information to be displayed on the return labels.

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we'll discuss:

How to set up return label references
Implication on existing users

Set up return label references

Go to Shipping in the AfterShip Returns admin
Move down to the Customize label references section under Returns labels

Choose the reference field from the set of supported fields from the dropdown and subsequently set the prefix of the field selected

Value typeDescriptionExample
RMA IDAfterShip Returns RMA numberBEB74KJU
Order numberOrder number from your eCommerce platform1001
Product titleReturn item product title from your eCommerce platformPolo Shirt X 1
Return valueThe total value of the return items$400
Custom textFree form stringABC Inc.

Create a test return request to generate a return label to verify if the label reference is showing up on the label as expected

Implication on existing users

The existing users will get two-configured label preferences. If they wish to remove these pre-set label references, they can delete them, but this action will be irreversible and they cannot retrieve those references back.

Reference 1: RMA# & Order# (combined)
Reference 2: Item info

Label reference on different carrier's return labels

1. UPS

2. FedEx

3. Canada Post

4. Deutsche Post DHL

5. Australia Post


1. How many reference fields can be added and why are some of the reference fields not showing up on my labels?

Only three reference fields can be configured on the Shipping settings page. The reference fields on a return label vary from carrier to carrier. Some carriers may only support one or two reference fields on return labels. You will have to generate a test label to verify if the outcome meets your expectations.

2. Can I customize the size and position of the reference field?

No, the reference fields on the return labels are fixed by the carrier. The customization of the reference fields on a return label is not possible.

3. Can I customize the value type to be added as a reference?

We currently only support reference value type customization for our Enterprise plan users.

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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