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Enable Image Upload Feature on Branded Returns Page

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With AfterShip Returns you can allow shoppers to upload images of purchased products they wish to return. While submitting a return request, an image can be uploaded on the branded returns page.

Enable image upload feature

Go to Return policy > Return reasons in the AfterShip Returns admin
Move down to the Reason library. We have pre-populated a few return reasons for your convenience, but you are welcome to delete them and add new ones
To edit the existing return reason, click Edit

To add a new return reason, click Add reason

Input the name of the reason
To add a sub-reason, select Add sub-reason
To enable comments and images upload, select the checkbox and select optional or required
Add a brief instruction for shoppers while uploading the images (optional)

Click Save

The image icon will be visible alongside return reason for which you have enabled the images upload option.

Customer experience

While submitting a return request, the customer can upload the images for the return reason(s) for which you have enabled the images upload option if they select that particular reason.

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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