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How to Restock Returned Items

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AfterShip Returns supports restocking of the returned items. With this help guide, you will learn how you can optimise inventory management with this new feature and also get answers to questions that could possibly come to your mind.

The items will be restocked to the same location where they were fulfilled from.

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you:

Enable track quantity in Shopify admin
Restock returned items in AfterShip Returns admin

Enable track quantity in Shopify admin

Shopify enables the Track quantity option by default whenever you add a new product to your inventory. If you have disabled this option manually for any of your products, follow the steps to enable it again

Go to Products in the Shopify admin
Select a product and click on it to open its detail page

A. For products with multiple variants, scroll down to the variants and click Edit for the variant for which you'd want to enable the track quantity option

Move down to the Inventory section and select the checkbox given for Track quantity. If it is unchecked, check it and then click Save

B. For products without variants, scroll down to the Inventory section and select the checkbox given for Track quantity

If you don't enable the Track quantity option for any product, you won’t be able to restock it when it gets returned.

Restock returned items in AfterShip Returns admin

Go to Returns in the AfterShip Returns admin
Create a return or select any pending return request.
Approve the return request if it's eligible on the RMA detail page

Click Mark as received if you've received the item.

A pop-up window will appear confirming that the returned items are received and will be restocked. If you haven't received or don’t want to restock any item, uncheck the box for it.

Click Submit.
The status will be changed to Shipment received

The items that are checked received as well as restocked will have the respective labels
The items that are checked only received will have the received label below the listing


1. Is it possible to restock returned items later?

Yes, you can restock an item later if you didn't select restock option while marking an item as received.

Click More options in the upper right corner
Select Restock items. Tick the checkbox of items you want to restock and hit submit

You can't restock items with AfterShip Returns if you’ve marked any return request as Resolved

2. Is there a way to automate the restocking process?

You can skip manual errors by enabling the Auto-restock settings.

Go to Automation rules under Return policy in the AfterShip Returns admin
Shift the toggle to the right to enable Automatically restock items when items are marked as received

Now, whenever you update an item's status to Mark as received, you will see a pop-up window like this:

Click Submit

To automate the entire restocking process, you can also turn on the toggle button for Automatically update shipping status to “Received”

Returned items will be automatically Marked as received and Restocked as soon as you approve a return request

3. How does AfterShip Returns restock the returned items?

When you receive the returned items, AfterShip Returns adjusts the stock instantly. We don't use the Shopify's refund API because it restocks when you refund the money to your shopper. On the other hand, we focus on receiving the items back and then update your inventory accordingly. We stick with this process, irrespective of the resolution type (refund or exchange).

Supported plans

Restock returned items when marked as received function is available for Shopify users on all plans
Auto-restock feature for items when they are marked as received is only available for Shopify users on Premium and Enterprise plans

If you need any help, contact our chat support team at any time.

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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