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How to Offer Bundle Returns for Your Shopify Store

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A bundle is a single product (SKU) in Shopify combining two or more products (SKUs). All the products in a bundle are fulfilled and sold together at a discount. This is a common practice to encourage customers to buy additional products and increase average order value.

Bundles is a feature supported by AfterShip Returns that allows you to create custom-built bundles eligible to be returned partially or entirely in your customer returns portal. It gives your customers a streamlined way to return individual products within a bundle without returning the entire bundle. Similarly, for you (merchants), it reduces the time and effort by allowing you to create and add your own bundles in AfterShip Returns instead of changing how they are built in Shopify.

Each bundle can be customized to support your own eligibility rules.

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In this article, we will show you:

Bundles setup: Manual and CSV upload
Preferences for eligibility rules
Customer experience: Partial and whole bundle returns
Bundle returns management

Bundles setup: Manual and CSV upload

Go to Return policy > Bundles in AfterShip Returns admin.

All bundles configured to be returned partially or entirely in AfterShip Returns will be listed here.
You can edit the bundle settings or delete a bundle anytime you want.
There are two ways to add bundles in AfterShip Returns, manually (Add bundle) and through a CSV upload. Both methods are explained below.

Add bundles manually

Click Add bundle button in the upper right corner.
Search bundle by title or SKU as it appears in Shopify from the list.
Tick the bundle checkbox and add it to the list.

Click Add products and then tick the checkbox for all the products you want included in this bundle. You can search products by title or SKU.

Note: All the products and their variants will be listed separately. Select the variant you want included in the bundle.

Select Return type
Select Whole bundle return if you don’t want your customers to be able to return bundle products individually and instead return the entire bundle.

Note: All the products within a bundle will be displayed on the returns page to remind customers of the items they need to ship back. Individual product prices will not be displayed.

If you select Partial return - proportional prices, the return credit for a product is based on its original price as a proportion of the bundle price.
If you select Partial return - equal price, the return credit for a product is calculated by dividing the bundle price evenly among all products in the bundle.
Click Save

CSV Upload

Click the Import CSV button in the upper right corner.

Download a sample CSV file with all the required fields and the correct format for adding bundles.

Fill in the required fields on the CSV template file (image 1.0) for all the bundles you want to import and click save.

Bundle SKU: The SKU of the bundle as given in Shopify
Product SKU: The SKU of the product within a bundle as given in Shopify

Note: Duplicate product SKUs are not supported

Quantity: The number of products within a bundle

Note: The quantity should be in numeric digits

Bundle return type: The type of return, partial or whole, enabled by you in AfterShip Returns

Note: Each bundle should have only one return type


Bundle name : Multipack Womens Bundle V-Neck Bulk T-Shirts (Medium)
Bundle SKU : 1001

It includes the following products:

2 White medium V-Neck T-shirt, SKU: 2001
1 Yellow medium V-Neck T-shirt, SKU: 2002
1 Blue medium V-Neck T-shirt, SKU: 2003

Return type for this bundle : “Partial return - equal prices”

This is how the CSV file will be filled

Click Import CSV, then select or drop the file created for adding bundles.
Once the file is uploaded, click upload and continue.

All the successfully imported bundles will display on the main dashboard.
If there is an import error, an error tag will appear along with the number of failed rows. An automatic download file with failed bundles will be created.

Note: CSV import is not supported for organizations connected with multiple stores. You have to add bundles manually.

Possible reasons for import error

Product SKU is other than a number
Duplicate product SKUs within a bundle
The return type does not match the required format
More than one return type is added to the file
Bundle SKU is not found in your eCommerce store
Product SKU is not found in your eCommerce store

Set preferences for eligibility rules

The Preferences feature allows you to set return eligibility rules between a bundle and its line items

Click Preferences and select from the following options

Apply the same eligibility rules as the bundle: If this option is selected, the line items will be ineligible for return, if the parent item is added to the blocklist

Use independent rules from the bundle: This option allows both the parent item and line items to follow independent eligibility rules. If the parent item is added to the blocklist, the line items will still be eligible for return

Customer experience: Partial and whole bundle returns

Partial bundle returns

If a customer goes to return a bundle through the AfterShip Returns return page, the bundle name will appear along with a list of all the products within the bundle. To submit a return request, the customer can select either one of the products within the bundle or select Return bundle to return the entire bundle. The remaining return process will be the same as any other product SKU.

Whole bundle returns

The only difference is that during whole bundle returns, the customer cannot select any one product within the bundle and have to proceed with the entire bundle to initiate a return.

Bundle returns management


In the RMA detail page, the return will indicate if the returned products were part of a bundle with a gray Bundled tag.
The return details will also mention the product SKU and the bundle SKU.

The refund amount will be calculated based on the return type selected.

Note: Restock function is not supported for partial bundle returns.


The return details will only mention the bundle SKU

When you update the return request to Mark as received, you can select the products you have already received.

Note: The bundle can be restocked once all the products in the bundle are marked as received.

For any additional questions, reach out to our support team.

Updated on: 10/11/2023

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