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How to Send Reminder Emails for Unreceived Items

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To initiate a refund, it is important to get back the item from the shopper, especially when it is expensive. With AfterShip Return Center, merchants can send reminder emails to shoppers so that the latter can ship back the item as soon as possible. Check this guide to learn the steps.

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you:

Set up reminder email
Reminder email trigger logic

Set up reminder email notification

Go to Notifications in the AfterShip Returns admin
Look for the Return reminder notification and turn on its toggle button
Click Edit > Edit trigger and configure the trigger time. By default, the trigger time is set to 15 days. Change it as per your requirement
Click Edit > Edit template to modify the email template

You can switch between Branded theme template and HTML template to edit your email template from the dropdown
Use merge tags to auto-populate required customer and order information from our database according to the return request
Configure the language of your email notifications from the upper right-hand corner in the template editor

Click Save

Now, your reminder will be sent out automatically as per your settings.

Reminder email trigger logic

The functionality of a reminder email depends on the returns method. For example:

Ship with any carrier of your choice: After {approved time + X days}, if shipping status = IS NOT shipped nor shipment received, the reminder email will be sent
Ship with a returns label: After {approved time + X day} for RMA with return label added, if Shipping status = IS NOT shipment received, the reminder email will be sent
Green returns (the customer keeps the item): No reminder email will be sent

For any questions, reach our support team.

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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