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How to Tag Returned Items and Upload Images for Better Management

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Getting your products back doesn’t feel good, especially after putting in so much effort to deliver them on time. However, having a friendly return policy is important at the same time because it is directly connected with the post-purchase experience.

Merchants can now add tags and upload images to keep a record of the quality in which products are returned, and this help guide will share all details with you.

API users can also add tags and images. Kindly use this endpoint{id}/items/{item_id}.

Add tags and upload images for returned items

Go to Returns in the AfterShip Returns account and choose the RMA no. for which you want to add tags and upload images
If the selected RMA no. contains multiple products, you can add tags and upload images for each returned item. Just click + Add tags or images

Click Confirm to add your tags and images

Additional considerations

Maximum 50 tags (combining all RMAs) can be added
Each item can have up to 3 tags
Each item can have up to 6 images

Sort returned items by tags. Look for the More filters on the Returns dashboard of your AfterShip Returns account. Navigate to Item tags and select the tags to sort your returned items

In case you want to add, rename or delete a tag, click Manage tags. The changes to the tags will take place for all the RMAs containing the tag.

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Updated on: 24/08/2023

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