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Use Shopify App Extension to Improve Exchange on Store Experience

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Use Shopify App Extension to improve customer experience when they land at your store for product exchange during the return process.

The current script tag approach is proving to be a bit slow for merchants, loading the credit banner after the website content and third-party plugins and hindering the overall experience for the customers.

Shopify’s App Extension offers similar functionality as the Script tag but loads faster, allowing the credit banner to load simultaneously with the rest of the store content and doesn’t conflict with the third-party installations.

TypePrerequisiteLoading SpeedConfiguration activation time
Script TagNo limitationsSlower and often affected by third-party app extensions-
App ExtensionTheme 2.0 requiredFast1 - 3 minutes

Enable Shopify App Extension

Go to Online store > Theme in the Shopify settings
Click Customize
From the side menu, move to the third section App embeds
Find Exchange credit banner and enable it

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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